I Signed Up for the CureSearch Walk.
Now What?

So you decided to participate in a CureSearch Walk. Congratulations and thank you for joining the fight against children's cancer. At CureSearch, our goal is to help you every step of the way, ensuring that you have everything you need to meet your fundraising goal and enjoy the CureSearch Walk experience.

When you joined the Walk by signing up on CureSearchWalk.org, you received an email about accessing your headquarters page, called My HQ. This is your very own page to customize as you like. You can set a fundraising goal, post photos of a child (or children) you are walking in honor of, and most importantly, send emails to family and friends asking them to support you financially or by joining you for the event. Take a look at the Fundraising Resources link on the left hand side of the page – there you will find more information about "How to Manage My Team and Personal Walk Pages."

In addition to your HQ page, CureSearch is here to be your fundraising coach and help you come up with creative ways to raise money for you and your Walk team. First and foremost, each Walk is managed by a regional staff member who will act as your CureSearch point of contact helping you create a successful walk. He or she can help you access materials online or in print, such as an A-Z Fundraising Guide and a one pager titled Who Do You Know? This is a tool that helps you build a "circle" of people and places to ask for donations/support.

In regular emails sent from the CureSeach event manager to all Walk participants, you will receive fundraising tips and ideas such as:

  • Host a car wash, bake sale, or raffle.
  • Have a jar of candy at your desk and charge for each piece someone takes.
  • Plan an event with a community vendor. For example, one team hosted a bowling outing at which people paid to have teams bowl, and the alley donated a portion of the evening's proceeds to CureSearch on behalf of the Walk team. Food and drink specials are another way to add to the dollars raised at an event like this.
  • Use social media to promote your involvement in helping children with cancer.
  • Cureoke – a huge hit, when you gather your friends and family and people can pay to either get out of singing, or to make people sing.

As the Walk gets closer, you will receive information from your regional manager about the Walk's venue, the schedule of the event and activities taking place (like face painting and balloon animals), and the opening ceremony. If you've never participated in a CureSearch Walk before, the opening ceremony will be especially moving for you. There, we not only take time to honor the children who fought the fight but lost the battle, we also call all current and past patients to the stage for a medal ceremony honoring them as CureSearch Champions. From there, these very special children lead the Walk carrying a banner that reads "These are the Reasons We Walk.”

Join us this year at a CureSearch Walk in one of 85 locations near you. To sign-up, visit www.curesearchwalk.org.

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