Recess Takes the Nation!

Launched less than 2 months ago, Return to Recess is already a huge hit across the nation!  This new national fundraising program is another way CureSearch raises money for children's cancer research so that one day, every child will be guaranteed a cure – and guaranteed to return to recess.

Those who are already participating in Return to Recess have learned that it is a rewarding experience that not only allows them to relive their youth, but helps save lives.  Here's how you can Return to Recess…

  • Think back to your days on the playground. What team sport did you enjoy most?  Softball, dodgeball, volleyball or something else all together.
  • Now that you've identified your favorite game, decide who you would like to play with.  Do you want to have an office competition, a neighborhood tournament, or will your league host a charity game?
  • Once you've decided, visit and register your game type and date. Once you've taken that first step, the world of CureSearch's Return to Recess materials is at your fingertips! 

Once you register your game, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions about how to customize your game page, manage the day's logistics, invite others to play, and most importantly, begin fundraising!  Our website contains all the information to get started.  While you are there, check out the Hall of Fame to meet our Most Valuable Players. These kids are just some of the 13,500 children diagnosed with cancer each year whom you will help support with the money your game raises.  In addition to online support, one our event managers from your region will contact you and be your guide through organizing, fundraising, and hosting your event.

In NC, several companies recently came together for an afternoon of team building, exercise, and fun.  While none had a previous connection to children's cancer, the teams played on, supporting a good cause in a relaxed environment of managers and employees united as one to take down their competition!

Not interested in playing yourself but have a child that is? That's great!  Not only do we have many successful adult games, but it's amazing how much kids learn and how much money they raise when they ban together for an important cause. We've seen elementary school tournaments organized as part of gym class or field day, and high school students taking to the field on a Saturday afternoon in honor of a friend with cancer. 

One such game was held in California where a group of high school students decided to play softball in honor of a friend who lost his battle to cancer last year.  The teenagers recruited enough friends and family members to form four teams and on a Saturday morning they took to a school field and held a tournament. The winning team walked away with bragging rights and everyone who participated walked away knowing they had raised funds to help ensure that one day, no child will lose their fight with cancer.  

So get ready to remember your childhood and the nostalgia of your youth while playing one of your favorite recess games and raising money for those children who don't have a recess from cancer.  When you do, you are helping to give every child the chance at a permanent recess from cancer.

To create your game today, visit

Be a kid, for a kid.

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