Introducing Talia Castellano

We are very excited to announce that 12-year old Talia Castellano of Florida has agreed to share her cancer journey with us by way of video!  Talia is no stranger to video; in fact, she has a following of more than 65,200 subscribers on YouTube. 

Talia was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma at the tender age of 7, on Valentine's Day, 2007.  She has relapsed 3 times, with the last occurrence just over a year ago.  Every 3 weeks, Talia flies to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for specialized chemotherapy, a protocol from her Children's Oncology Group clinical trial.  Despite not being a fan of Valentine's Day, Talia has made the best of her 5-year journey.  When not focused on her education or in treatment, Talia can be seen on YouTube giving one of her famous beauty tutorials.  We don't use the word famous lightly – she has more than 4,750,000 video views! 

Stay tuned to for Talia's videos during June and July.

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