All Dodge No Balls Benefits Return to Recess

Four teams of avid dodgeball players joined together on July 28th to raise funds for children’s cancer research and raised more than $700. The All Dodge, No Balls event was the inaugural event for Dodgeball is Life, a dodgeball group created by sports loving friends in San Diego, California.

After six hours of round robin play, a winner was announced! Team Short Bus took home the championship, but all players were winners in the fight against children’s cancer. Though this year’s event was small, Dodgeball is Life is hoping to increase the number of teams in years to come. They recognize the importance of taking an event that many people love, and using it to raise funds and awareness for an importance cause.

Tournament guests enjoyed healthy competition, lively music, as well as the knowledge that they were helping to make a difference in the lives of the 36 children diagnosed with cancer each day.

Interested in forming your own Return to Recess event? Visit and learn why people across the country are Returning to Recess, so that one day, every child will be guaranteed a cure – and guaranteed to return to recess.

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