Advocates from Across the Country Take to Capitol Hill

On June 5, more than 200 advocates - past and present patients, families, and caregivers - gathered on Capitol Hill to encourage their Senators and Representatives to support essential legislation for children's cancer research, including improved access to medications and survivorship programs.

Hosted by the Alliance for Children's Cancer, of which CureSearch is a member, advocates from across the US came together on one day to make the biggest impact possible for children's cancer.

Advocates like Val Marshal were on hand to stress the importance of the Creating Hope Act, an act designed to generate market incentives for drug development through the establishment of a priority review voucher for pediatric rare diseases, including pediatric cancer. "My trip to DC was productive and exciting as the Creating Hope Act was attached to the successful FDA bill that is being readied for Obama's signature," says Val of her time in DC. "This will offer market incentives for drug companies in the production of medicines for pediatric cancer." This is especially important to Val because her son was treated with drugs that were developed 20 years ago. The fact that there have been just 3 new drugs created since then still surprises her and when she shares that fact with others, their eyes widen in disbelief. 

Val and other advocates' encouragement made an impact; the Creating Hope Act was signed by President Obama on July 9, 2012.

Children's cancer advocates also spoke with their Senators and Representatives to urge them to join the Congressional Pediatric Cancer Caucus, which serves as a clearinghouse for information on pediatric cancer and a forum to aid members of Congress in working together to address pediatric cancer. The Childhood Cancer Survivorship Act was also at the forefront of Childhood Cancer Action Day. This act will provide resources to fund research and survivorship programs to improve the quality of life for all childhood cancer survivors.

Join CureSearch as an advocate for children's cancer by appealing to your representative to make a difference in the lives of the 13,500 children diagnosed each year with cancer. Learn how by joining the Action Network.

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